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Important Read First - Rules for all users

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Zylo A
The Rules:
The goals of Iron Pony Merc Corp are to have fun while being successful at anything we do in Star Citizen, we ask that all members and guests do their best to not cause any trouble. We understand that there will be conflicts at times and we have rules in place to limit the damage that could result and to discourage members and guests from getting into conflicts.

1. Keep conflicts out of the forums, the chat box, Discord and TeamSpeak. The Enjin website has a built in IM client as well as a PM system, use this rather than getting into a fight in Discord, TeamSpeak or on the forums. If you believe someone crossed the line or violated a rule, use the the report post function and an admin or mod will take a look to see if there is a problem. In TS use the "poke" command to get a mod or admin's attention. Do not abuse the reporting function, use it only for conflicts between members, spam bot reporting, rules violations or to request a topic lock or removal. In some forum sections the user starting a topic my have the power to lock the topic if they see things are getting out of control which is intended to reduce the work for admin/mods. Do not abuse this function by starting flame topics and deleting them, topic modification is logged on the admin side so we will know if this feature is being abused.

2. Respect the authority of admins and mods when they are resolving a conflict or enforcing rules. DO NOT question an admin or mod's action in the topic, send them a PM or use the IM client to ask about the action. Any admin or mod will be required to post in-topic warnings in the form shown below:
Standard mod/admin warning in red bold text

The warning tag is for use by admins/mods only.
Red bold text is for official use (think of it as the Royal Canterlot Voice), we ask that members choose other colors if they need to highlight any text in their post. Bold yellow text is suggested for this purpose.

3. Do not post NSFW content on the forums, in the chat box Discord or TeamSpeak. This includes avatars on the site, Discord and in TeamSpeak. Restricted access areas of the forums or VOIP programs may allow for a less strict variation of this rule but will have a list of rules contained within that forum section. When in doubt the rule is no NSFW content unless that section of the forums states that it is allowed within that forum section.

4. Do not share Members Only forum content, Discord or TeamSpeak server info with players outside of Iron Pony Merc Corp. While Discord has no slot limits TS server slots will be for members first, if there is space we may allow guests to join. Members may request guest access for friends. Discord will auto-move idle users to the AFK channel after about 15 minutes but due to no limit on users members may be idle an unlimited amount of time in Discord. Due to limited Teamspeak server space it is requested that long term AFK idling (3 hours or more) not be done during peak gaming times. AFK users will be kicked if we need to free up space, there is no punishment for being AFK so please do not be offended if you get kicked while idling, we likely just needed the TS slots. The TS status window will allow members to keep track of who is online without always needing to stay connected.

5. Be respectful of other members, friends and guests. This rule can be simplified to be "Don't be a total asshole". This rule also covers harassment and discrimination towards other users including but not limited to: race, religious preference, sexual orientation, gender identity and biological sex.

6. Since Star Citizen is currently in testing many exploits will be found. Part of testing involves looking for these exploits but abusing them will make Iron Pony Merc Corp look bad so do the right thing and bug report any exploits on the RSI forums here:

7. 3rd party programs and device rules:
Banned = Aimbots in all forms
Approved = devices that support macros, programs that simplify commands such as voice attack or other similar programs that do not totally automate gameplay.

8. Conflict resolution:
We encourage members to resolve their issues in PM's. If this fails the next step is contacting a mod or admin to try to resolve the conflict.

9. Spoiler rule:
For 1 week after new official pony content releases, discussion topics will need to be tagged with spoiler label or the spoiler content within a post should use the spoiler tags as shown below:
Spoiler: example spoilerShow

10. Rules applied by other sites & VOIP/text chat servers:
Iron Pony members are expected to follow the rules of any site or VOIP/text chat server they are visiting. The general rule is to follow the more strict set of rules but there may be exceptions such as another site allowing NSFW content in avatars or posts for example. We understand some members may have an interest in this content and some sites allow it so limited exceptions are made in this case. If the rules of another site or VOIP/text chat server are more strict than ours they must be followed in addition to our rules.

11. Discord is required for participation in official group activities, a working mic is recommended but only required for leadership positions. Teamspeak is the official backup VOIP program if the Discord server is experiencing connection problems.

12. Communication standards:
English is the primary language for use on the forums and in VOIP/text chat, we don't require perfect grammar, just try your best to keep posts clean enough to easily read.
We don't censor language in VOIP/text chat or on the forums but try to keep things under control when possible.

13. Star Citizen Org membership:
For full members of Iron Pony Merc Corp we require your primary account to be part of our Star Citizen org and set to main. We do not mind if you have affiliate membership in other groups though we ask that members avoid affiliate membership in orgs that are hostile towards us due to conflict of interests.

14. Leaving the organization and possible return:
No online gaming group will ever keep 100% of the members who join, it is a reality that some members will eventually leave.
Those members who leave on good terms will be allowed to return without needing to apply again. Contact an admin if you are a former member wanting to return and you left on good terms.
Members who leave on bad terms or are kicked must first contact an admin to work out any details of a possible return. Those who left on bad terms will need to complete the application process again if approved by admin.

15. No trolling or harassing other orgs.
This rule shouldn't need much explanation. Friends are valuable and trolling or harassing other orgs could make them hostile towards our group. Since we are a merc group we will see significant benefits when we partner with orgs who do those boring jobs we don't want to do. In joint operations they may do some boring task like hauling cargo for us while we offer them protection as escort fighters. Our org will be much stronger the more friends we have in the PU so trolling or harassing other orgs will be considered a serious offense.

Violation of rules and punishments:
Most rule violations will just receive a text warning in the post and may also include modification of the post or locking of post/topic. More serious violations may lead to short term board suspensions. In the case of repeated violations the suspension times will increase as needed.

In extreme cases members or guests may be banned from the forums. A ban can be appealed by sending a PM to Zylo. People make mistakes and it's possible a ban may not be deserved in some cases which is why the appeal of bans will be allowed. No member or guest will be banned or kicked out of the organization without reason and generally only in the most extreme cases of rule violations.

Questions about rules or suggestions for rules/rule changes can be posted in this topic.

Some users have asked what the different user name colors mean on the site, here is the user color list:
White = new untagged user
Blue = Non-member Affiliate
Cyan = Non-member Diplomat (official representatives of other orgs)
Light Green = Recruit
Magenta = Iron Pony Friends user group (this group is made up of non-member friends from previous orgs/clans)
Gold = Iron Pony Member
Gold with red glow = Admin
Gold with blue glow = Moderator
Gold with green glow = Recruiter
Gold with purple glow = Members with combat leadership roles (squad leaders for example)
Posted Oct 4, 14 · OP · Last edited Jan 22, 16
Zylo A
Topic bump with added Rule 15, revisions to rule 3 (regarding restricted access forum sections), rule 5 (no harassment addition) and revision to wording of rule 10 regarding rules on other sites.

If you feel new rules need to be added or want to suggest any changes feel free to post below.
Posted Aug 6, 15 · OP
Zylo A
Bumping rules topic again for minor updates applying to Discord being voted as our official VOIP program (TS3 is official backup).
Posted Jan 22, 16 · OP