Welcome to Iron Pony Merc Corp.
If you are interested in joining us this post will give a short history of our organization and walk you through the application process. The first step is making sure you read and understand our rules which can be found here: http://www.ironponymercs.com/forum/m/26793132/viewthread/16075734-read-first-iron-pony-info-rules-for-all-users

Before proceeding with your application process you may wish to know more about who we are and our plans for Star Citizen.

Iron Pony Merc Corp:
We are a Star Citizen pony group interested in building a more serious organization that is focused on having fun while getting results. We have a mix of players ranging from casual to hardcore and share the common goals of being the best pilots we can be and having fun at the same time. We are looking for pilots who have an interest in improving their skills and taking on challenging missions as a group. While the majority of our members are interested in ponies we do not require members to like ponies but applicants should be aware we do tend to talk about them. We ask that applicants be at least neutral towards ponies, if you hate ponies you probably aren't going to fit in. If this seems interesting then you just might fit right in at Iron Pony Merc Corp.

Our official alignment is going to be on the UEE side of neutral. This means most of our activities will fall into the "lawful category" but at times our members may take jobs that could be considered "unlawful". We do not restrict the activities of our members but we may not always be able to help if a member chooses to be totally unlawful and ends up being attacked by PC's or NPC's we have friendly relations with. If you want to be a pirate for example we do allow it but it's at your own risk.

Time commitment:
We will not require any set activity time, it is up to each member to decide how often they play Star Citizen with us. We hope most members will be active but sometimes real life does not allow this and we understand.

Our name:
The "Iron Pony" part of our name came from the Iron Pony competition between Rainbow Dash and Applejack to prove who was the better athlete. The competitive spirit of the Iron Pony competition fit perfectly with the vision for what this organization will be in Star Citizen - Always trying to improve our skills and be the best pilots we can be while having fun in Star Citizen.

The "Merc Corp" part of our name is from our initial plans as an organization. We will start with mercenary work and expand into many areas to cover all roles within the Star Citizen persistent universe.

If you have not done so already you will need to create an account to join our site or login with an existing Enjin account as shown in in the image below:

If you have an existing Enjin forums account you may use it to join our site. If you are creating a new account we request that your account name matches your SC handle if possible, this is not required but it reduces confusion. After logging in with your new or existing account the next step is joining our website. This makes you a regular user meaning you may post on our forums and submit an application. We may also allow chat box access to registered users at some point in the future. To join our website, click the "Join Website" button as shown in in the image below:

The Application Process:
Our application process is simple, we have a form for new applicants to fill out. The form will be evaluated to make sure there aren't any obvious problems with the applicant and the recruit tag will be assigned (this process may take up to 3 days to receive a recruit tag but will generally happen much faster). Once the recruit tag is assigned a new recruit is encouraged to hang out with us on the forums, in chat, on Discord and of course in Star Citizen so we can get you know you and you can get to know us. Recruits will have access to some parts of the site but there are other site sections restricted to members only.

During your recruit period you may be asked questions on your application. The application form you submitted as an applicant can be accessed by clicking on the yellow applications icon in the lower right corner of the website. The time as a recruit is considered a probation period and can be as short as 2 weeks in the case of very active recruits or as long as 4 weeks in the case of less active recruits or a larger number of recruits applying at the same time. Recruits become new members by an internal vote of members, in rare cases the decision may be made by organization leaders.

Our application process is meant to get to know new applicants as friends, our process is not meant to poke at applicants to see what will make them snap, nor is it a form of hazing ritual. Think of it as an interview for a job, be professional and friendly and there is a good chance you'll end up becoming a part of our team. You must be active during your application period and be available to answer questions so our members can get to know you. Inactivity of more than 5 days in a row will result in your application being cancelled and you will have 1 chance to restart the application process. If you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from devoting a reasonable amount of time to your application a request to place your current application on HOLD can be made in the application comments. Placing your application on hold does not count as going inactive. When you are ready to continue all you need to do is make another comment in your application saying you are ready to continue.

Please be aware that not every recruit will be accepted and sometimes the difficult decision must be made to deny an applicant. Currently there are no plans to allow denied applicants to apply again after being denied.

Are you ready to join the team? Are you ready to become an Iron Pony?

Click here to fill out the application form.

Unhappy with your current org and want to complete our application process before leaving your current org? Select yes on option 8 when filling out the application form and ask about a confidential application in the text box. We'll leave you tagged as just a regular user until the process is complete to allow applicants to know the results of their application before leaving their current org.

Those who are interested in affiliate or diplomat status need to submit the correct form for affiliate members, diplomats using the link above. Returning Hell's Ponies Merc Corp (former MWO corp) members need to start with the Iron Pony Merc Corp application form.

As of May 7, 2015 we now support Starfighter Inc as a secondary game. What this means is that we are not yet recruiting members who only plan to play Starfighter Inc but any applicant joining for Star Citizen will also be allowed full membership in our Starfighter Inc group. Once more info about Starfighter Inc is released we may open recruiting to those who only wish to join us for Starfighter Inc but aren't interested in Star Citizen.

If you have any questions about the recruiting process feel free to start a new topic in this forum section.